• As the AI world gathers in Seoul, can an accelerating industry balance progress against safety?

    Companies such as OpenAI and Meta push ahead, but it is clear that biggest changes are yet to come This week, artificial intelligence caught up with the future – or at least Hollywood’s idea of it from a decade ago. “It feels like AI from the movies,” wrote the OpenAI chief executive, Sam Altman, of his latest system, an impressive virtual assistant. To underline his point he posted a single word on X – “her” – referring to the 2013 film starring Joaquin Phoenix as a man who falls in love with a futuristic version of Siri or Alexa, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. Continue reading...

  • ‘It felt like a historic moment’: the Hollywood strikes one year on

    Last summer’s strikes, as writers and actors took on the studios, led to historic change – but how is the industry faring now? Fans of Pete Davidson who tuned in to watch him host Saturday Night Live were disappointed to find a rerun instead. Viewers of Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel found they too had gone dark. While late-night TV had found ingenious ways to stay on air during a global pandemic, this was different. It was a year ago this month that screenwriters hit the picket lines. Actors followed suit with a walkout in mid-July, the first time that the two unions had been on strike together since 1960. As Hollywood came to a standstill, studios were forced to the negotiating table on issues including minimum pay, streaming residuals and guardrails against the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Continue reading...

  • Blow to UAW as Mercedes workers in Alabama vote against unionization

    Workers in Tuscaloosa vote against bid to unionize, as UAW president Shawn Fain hails impact of campaign despite defeat The United Auto Workers has failed in its effort to unionize workers at two Mercedes-Benz plants in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in a blow to the union’s plans to build its membership in the southern states. The loss on Friday comes amid the UAW’s ambitious union-organizing campaign to organize 150,000 non-union auto workers around the US. Continue reading...

  • Boeing shareholders vote to re-elect departing CEO to company’s board

    Search for new chief executive for troubled planemaker continues amid safety crisis and slumping share price Boeing’s departing CEO, Dave Calhoun, was re-elected to stay on the troubled company’s board on Friday, even as the planemaker’s chair said he was gathering feedback from customers and others in its search for a new chief executive. Boeing is dealing with a sprawling crisis that includes multiple investigations, possible prosecution for past actions and slumping production of its strongest-selling jet. Continue reading...

  • Binance executive denied bail in Nigeria over money laundering charges

    Tigran Gambaryan faces allegations of ‘serious criminality’ on behalf of world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange A Nigerian court has ruled that Tigran Gambaryan, the Binance executive detained on charges of tax evasion and money laundering, can face trial on behalf of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. In a judgment in Abuja on Friday – Gambaryan’s 40th birthday – the presiding judge, Emeka Nwite, denied the American national bail, saying he was likely to abscond. Continue reading...

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Carbon-rich exoplanets may be made of diamonds | News Break

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mint overewhelmed
by fkluv

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on zora


“◉verwheLmeD.” by Fkluv is a mesmerizing digital creation that portrays a girl in an abstract style, surrounded by an infinite number of images. The artwork is a stunning visual representation of the feeling of being overwhelmed with thoughts, emotions, and fears. As you gaze at the girl, you’ll notice that her image is made up of tiny pictures, each one a memory of a unique moment, experience, or memory. Some of the pictures are clear and vivid, while others are blurred and lighter in color, creating a sense of movement and depth. The girl’s expression is ambiguous, inviting the viewer to interpret her emotions in their own way. Is she lost in thought, reflecting on the myriad of images around her? Is she feeling overwhelmed, drowning in a sea of memories and experiences? Or is she simply enjoying the beauty of the world, savoring each moment as it passes? “◉verwheLmeD.” is a work of art that invites you to lose yourself in its intricate details and contemplate the complex nature of the human experience. It is a true masterpiece that combines technology, creativity, and emotion in a unique and unforgettable way.
In addition to the stunning visuals, “◉verwheLmeD.” also has a compelling story behind it. The overwhelming amount of images within the artwork reflects the overwhelming nature of life, and the girl in the center represents a person who is struggling to make sense of it all. The artwork encourages viewers to take a closer look at the world around them, and to find beauty and meaning in the chaos. Only 1000 copies of the artwork will be available for purchase, adding to its value and prestige. Furthermore, Fkluv will be releasing a total of 12 pieces, each with 1000 limited edition copies. This means that buyers should keep an eye out for the other 11 pieces to add to their collection, as they are bound to be equally unique and captivating.


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