• Ex-Twitter executives sue Elon Musk for $128m in unpaid severance

    Suit by former employees, including ex-CEO Parag Agrawal, follows a separate legal complaint by other workers seeking $500m Elon Musk is facing a $128m lawsuit from four former Twitter executives who allege the billionaire tech mogul failed to pay them severance after buying the social network. The suit, filed on Monday in California, follows a separate legal complaint last year by rank-and-file employees seeking $500m in unpaid severance. “Because Musk decided he didn’t want to pay Plaintiffs’ severance benefits, he simply fired them without reason, then made up fake cause and appointed employees of his various companies to uphold his decision,” the suit alleges. Continue reading...

  • Former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty to perjury

    Longtime associate of ex-president faces five months in jail after reaching agreement with New York prosecutors in fraud case Allen Weisselberg, a longtime lieutenant to Donald Trump, faces five months in jail after reaching an agreement with prosecutors in New York to plead guilty to perjury in the former US president’s recent civil fraud trial charges. As the former chief financial officer in the Trump Organization, Weisselberg was key in helping Trump record his net worth. A defendant in the fraud trial, Weisselberg was accused of helping to inflate Trump’s net worth on government financial documents, misleading lenders. Continue reading...

  • EU fines Apple €1.8bn over App Store restrictions on music streaming

    Penalty for breaching competition law is four times higher than forecast as Brussels looks to send message to tech firms Apple has been fined €1.8bn (£1.5bn) by the EU after an investigation found it had limited competition from music streaming services such as Spotify. The fine is nearly four times higher than expected as the European Commission attempts to show it will act decisively on tech companies who abuse their dominant position in the market for online services. Continue reading...

  • JetBlue and Spirit Airlines cancel $3.8bn merger after judge blocked deal

    Deal would have created fifth-largest US carrier but judge said it would harm consumers by reducing competition Low-cost air carriers JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines canceled their $3.8bn merger agreement on Monday, seeing no path forward after a US judge blocked the deal in January on anti-competition concerns. A successful deal would have created the fifth-largest carrier in the United States and helped Spirit ensure its survival, but the deal had been on the ropes ever since a Boston judge said it would harm consumers by reducing competition. Continue reading...

  • Australia to launch $2bn fund to ‘turbocharge’ trade with south-east Asia

    Anthony Albanese plans to boost clean energy and infrastructure exports, and increase visas for travellers from the region Follow our Australia news live blog for latest updates Get our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcast Australia will set up a $2bn fund to “turbocharge” trade and investment in south-east Asia, with a focus on clean energy and infrastructure. The prime minister, Anthony Albanese, will announce the fund in Melbourne on Tuesday when he addresses a gathering of 100 chief executives from Australia and south-east Asia. Sign up for Guardian Australia’s free morning and afternoon email newsletters for your daily news roundup Continue reading...

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mint overewhelmed
by fkluv

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on zora


“◉verwheLmeD.” by Fkluv is a mesmerizing digital creation that portrays a girl in an abstract style, surrounded by an infinite number of images. The artwork is a stunning visual representation of the feeling of being overwhelmed with thoughts, emotions, and fears. As you gaze at the girl, you’ll notice that her image is made up of tiny pictures, each one a memory of a unique moment, experience, or memory. Some of the pictures are clear and vivid, while others are blurred and lighter in color, creating a sense of movement and depth. The girl’s expression is ambiguous, inviting the viewer to interpret her emotions in their own way. Is she lost in thought, reflecting on the myriad of images around her? Is she feeling overwhelmed, drowning in a sea of memories and experiences? Or is she simply enjoying the beauty of the world, savoring each moment as it passes? “◉verwheLmeD.” is a work of art that invites you to lose yourself in its intricate details and contemplate the complex nature of the human experience. It is a true masterpiece that combines technology, creativity, and emotion in a unique and unforgettable way.
In addition to the stunning visuals, “◉verwheLmeD.” also has a compelling story behind it. The overwhelming amount of images within the artwork reflects the overwhelming nature of life, and the girl in the center represents a person who is struggling to make sense of it all. The artwork encourages viewers to take a closer look at the world around them, and to find beauty and meaning in the chaos. Only 1000 copies of the artwork will be available for purchase, adding to its value and prestige. Furthermore, Fkluv will be releasing a total of 12 pieces, each with 1000 limited edition copies. This means that buyers should keep an eye out for the other 11 pieces to add to their collection, as they are bound to be equally unique and captivating.


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