Why Was A ‘3 Body Problem’ Producer Poisoned And Killed?


The new Netflix series 3 Body Problem centers around a terrifying alien invasion of Earth that’s been hundreds of years in the making. However, behind the scenes, a terrifying real-life story unfolded and ended with one man dead and several poisoned in a revenge plot over the high-stakes dealings of the burgeoning sci-fi franchise.

In 2014, China’s “millennial billionaire” and Yoozoo Games founder Lin Qi snatched up the rights to Liu Cixin’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past book trilogy that kicks off with 3 Body Problem. After negotiating a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix to adapt the best-selling series, Lin would die in a hospital on Christmas 2020. The cause of death: poisoning.

Why Was A ‘3 Body Problem’ Producer Poisoned And Killed?

According to Business Insider, the situation started going south at Yoozoo Games in 2017 when Lin hired former lawyer Xu Yao to head up a new division called “The Three-Body Universe.” Turns out, Xu wasn’t the best employee and was demoted three years later for “poor performance.” He also had his pay slashed and retaliated by poisoning his colleagues.

Three months after Lin negotiated the Netflix deal for 3 Body Problem, Xu started poisoning his co-workers’ beverages. While Lin was the only one who died, four others were hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning. Xu was arrested three days after Lin’s death and is set to be executed for his crimes.

With 3 Body Problem now streaming on Netflix, Lin has been posthumously credited as an executive producer on the series.

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