Who Is BossMan Dlow, The Florida Rapper Blowing Up On The Charts With ‘Get In With Me?’

This week’s Billboard Hot 100 chart contains an entry from a new name: BossMan Dlow, whose breakout single “Get In With Me” debuted at No. 68 on the chart dated Feb. 17. So, who is BossMan Dlow, and why is his song going so crazy that it’s reached the top 100 singles in streams and radio airplay in just three weeks since its release on January 19?

BossMan Dlow is a 25-year-old native of Port Salerno, Florida, who got his start in 2019, according to an interview with DJ Small Eyes. The rapper spent six months in county jail during 2020, and upon his release, turned up the frequency of his production, resulting in his 2023 mixtape Too Slippery caught fire on TikTok (naturally) with singles like “Chic Fil A,” “Rotation,” and “The Biggest.”

Dlow re-released mixtape at the end of the year as 2 Slippery, this time with the support of Alamo Records and several new songs. “Get In With Me” was released in January, becoming an instant viral favorite thanks to BossMan’s choppy, unconventional delivery and the Florida twang that turned lines like “I was bad in f*ckin’ school, now I’m tryna dodge a sentence” into trend material on TikTok.

The track quickly made the leap from trending among TikTok’s newly UMG-less collection sounds to trending on DSPs. “Get In With Me” is currently hovering at just under 5 million views on YouTube, with over 2 million streams on Spotify, suggesting that it’s going to keep growing by word-of-mouth, making BossMan a bigger name along with it.

As he told Billboard, though, he is remaining humble. “I’m still wondering how the hell a guy from Port Salerno made it this far and has a song on the Hot 100,” he said. “I’m excited to see how far the song can go, and grateful for those listening.”

Listen to “Get In With Me” above.







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