When Will ‘The Fall Guy’ Be On Streaming?


If you took two leads from the two biggest movies from 2023 and put them in an action-packed blockbuster, it would be safe to assume that the movie would be a massive hit…right?! The Fall Guy stars Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling, fresh off their Oscar campaigns, but even though the buzzy A-lists lead the film, it seems like most moviegoers are holding out for the streaming release. If only they had released a popcorn bucket of Ryan Gosling’s head. That would surely lure in some viewers.

If you are one of the many who decided to wait until you can watch the movie at home, you are not alone. Clearly. Because The Fall Guy was released by Universal, the flick will head to Peacock when the time comes. But when will that time come?!

With previous Universal releases, the title hits Peacock roughly 30-45 days after the theatrical release. This would put The Fall Guy on the streamer sometime in mid-to-late June. There are, of course, exceptions, with Oppenheimer being one of them. The blockbuster didn’t arrive on Peacock until over six months after release.

On the other hand, The Fall Guy has not been quite the hit that Universal was hoping for. The action-comedy scored a $28.5 million opening, which is pretty lackluster considering its $130 million price tag. In its second week, the film managed to gain a little momentum, but it doesn’t seem like The Fall Guy is the summer kickoff movie that everyone expected. If you’ve waited this long, you might as well wait another 30-45 days.







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