When Does Kevin Smith’s ‘The 4:30 Movie’ Come Out?


Many of Kevin Smith‘s films follow adults who act like teenagers. His next movie will be about actual teens.

Written and directed by Smith, Saban Films’ The 4:30 Movie is set in 1986 and follows three 16-year-old friends — played by Austin Zajur, Nicholas Cirillo, and Reed Northrup — who spend the summer sneaking into the local multiplex to watch movies for free. “But when one of the guys also invites the girl of his dreams (Siena Agudong) to see the latest comedy, each of the teens will learn something serious about life and love before the credits roll,” according to the official plot synopsis.

The comedy’s ensemble also includes Ken Jeong, Genesis Rodriguez, Justin Long, Jason Lee, Rachel Dratch, Kate Micucci, Adam Pally, Harley Quinn Smith, Method Man, and Sam Richardson, who should be in everything.

“The day we bought Smodcastle Cinemas,” Smith said in a statement, referring to the renovated theater he owns in New Jersey, “I not only reclaimed an integral piece of my childhood, I also suddenly had access to a visually interesting and cost-free movie location! So I started writing a personal paean to the past for us 70’s and 80’s kids – the pre-information generation who grew up without the internet, when romance and relationships required much more than a swipe to get started, and the idea of asking out someone you had a crush on was as terrifying as the looming threat of nuclear war.”

Kevin Smith will take The 4:30 Movie on a multi-city tour this summer before it hits nationwide theaters







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