Waxahatchee’s ‘Bored’ Video Is Far From Boring As She Takes A Little Trip To The Devil’s Playground (Or Backbone)

Waxahatchee’s seventh studio album, Tigers Blood, is just weeks away. After releasing the lead single, “Right Back At It” with MJ Lenderman, in January, Katie Crutchfield’s second offering has arrived.

Today (February 13), Waxahatchee rolled out a new single, “Bored,” along with its supporting video. Despite the record’s nonchalant titling, the song and accompanying cinematic piece are far from boring. As Waxahatchee takes a trip down to Fischer, Texas, she pops into the Devil’s Backbone Tavern to blow off some steam.

The party slash bar performance isn’t quite enough to earn her a one-way ticket to the underworld, but it would surely make a nun blush.

“I lay out all the basic science / I try to make it fit, it’s mystifying / I can get along — my spine’s a rotted two by four / Barely hanging on my benevolence just hits the floor / I get bored / Lord knows I tried / I keep my mind occupied,” sings Crutchfield.

In a statement, Crutchfield spoke about her writing process and how the new single came to be, saying, “I feel like my comfort zone when writing songs lies somewhere on the emotional spectrum of sadness and heartache. Writing from a place of happiness scares me. Too earnest. Anger scares me even more. I wrote ‘Bored’ about one of those situations where anger was called for and was the only authentic place from which to write about what I was experiencing. It was a challenge for me, and ‘Bored’ is the end result.”

Watch the official visual for “Bored,” directed by Corbett Jones and Nick Simonite, above.

Tigers Blood is out 3/22 via Anti-. Find more information here.







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