The First ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die’ Reactions Are Calling The Film ‘A Total Blast’

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Movies are made to entertain! It’s exactly why there are so many Shrek sequels. So, yes, even though all the sequels, reboots and revivals have been popping up on the scene, as long as someone enjoys it, the movie is serving its intended purpose. Nobody specifically asked for Bad Boys: Ride or Die, but it has been gifted to us despite all of the setbacks, so we might as well take it.

The fourth installment in the franchise brings back Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as two Miami detectives who must investigate when their late Captain is posthumously being accused of working with a drug cartel. Vanessa Hudgens, Eric Dane, Alexander Ludwig and Paola Núñez also star.

The sequel is set to hit theaters on June 7th, but early screeners took place across the country last night, so we finally have a little bit of insight on the sequel. Turns out, it’s a lot of fun, which is exactly what we want from a movie called Bad Boys.

People who attended the screening are praising the flick for being “a total blast” and the funniest film yet. Here’s what they are saying:

Just saw @BadBoys #badboys Ride or Die! The action is just as good as you’d expect, and it might be the funniest yet? Biggest applause(s) in my screening went to Dennis Greene as Reggie for reasons I’ll let you see for yourselves!

No prior Bad Boys knowledge needed to have fun!

— Owen Danoff (@owendanoff) May 16, 2024

Yall this was SOOOOO good wow. I enjoyed a lot. #badboys @BadBoys

— micia (@DeMiciaValon) May 16, 2024

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is phenomenal.

I love the Bad Boys franchise. This one raised every bar. It’s nonstop hilarious. Innovative action beats. So much chemistry with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

The best time I’ve had at the movies in a while. Absolutely loved it.

— BD (@BrandonDavisBD) May 16, 2024

#BADBOYS RIDE OR DIE is a total blast. It’s crazy how Adil & Bilali have tapped into the strong emotional core of this series without sacrificing any of its insane fun. Smith & Lawrence bring their A-game, the supporting cast step it way up (REGGIE!), & shit blows up real good.

— Bill Bria (@billbria) May 16, 2024

Oh girrrrrrrl, this was a FUN WATCH!!

The #BadBoys agenda is alive & well, long & strong

It feels good to have FUN movies in theaters, ya know? It has its serious moments when it needs to but its overall goal is to ENTERTAIN. Bring some escapism..

Cant wait to see it again!

— Shanelle Genai’s Bday is May 17 (@shanellegenai) May 16, 2024

#BadBoysRideOrDie is a total blast.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are still great at busting each others’ balls, the new mystery is compelling (Eric Dane is a great baddie) and Adil & Bilall’s action sequences are loaded with inventive staging and camerawork.

Bad Boys forever.

— Drew Taylor (@DrewTailored) May 16, 2024

Saw Bad Boys 4 tonight and it exceeded my expectations.

— cowboy lee harris (@whosJordanLee) May 16, 2024

Even the movie’s stars were out and about having a good time:

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence gave out candy and a big surprise for one person at the Bad Boys: Ride or Die first screening.

The theater got a little crazy! So much fun.

— BD (@BrandonDavisBD) May 16, 2024

Remember: a movie theater is the only place where it is okay to take candy from strangers.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die hits theaters on June 7th.







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