The Chargers Put Harrison Butker In The Kitchen In Their ‘Sims’ Schedule Release Video


The NFL’s schedule release has become an event on the league calendar, as teams spend weeks crafting elaborate videos to unveil their upcoming season’s schedule. One of the social teams that continually stands out is that of the Los Angeles Chargers, who aren’t afraid to get weird with their annual offering.

This year, the Chargers decided to create their schedule release video using “The Sims,” putting their opponents in the game in various skits. It’s honestly an incredible bit of world-building and storytelling on the part of the Chargers social and video team, who have John and Jim Harbaugh pillow fighting, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift hopping on a jet, a Kirk Cousins DJ set getting ruined by the arrival of Michael Penix Jr., and a whole lot more.

should we REALLY make our schedule release video in the sims?

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— Los Angeles Chargers (@chargers) May 16, 2024

While each of the team vignettes are great, the most incredible part comes in the credits, as they couldn’t resist a last-minute update after Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s off the rails commencement speech over the weekend at Benedictine College in Kansas. In that speech, he said “the majority” of the women in the room were most excited about their futures as being wives and mothers.

That, along with a number of other political grievances aired by Butker, became national news, and the Chargers couldn’t help but put Butker in the kitchen for their credits scene. It’s some terrific work from the Chargers, especially given it had to be added to the video this week, which is probably why they didn’t have it in the actual schedule portion.







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