Stephen Colbert And Steve Carell Brought Back The Daily Show’s Iconic ‘Even Stevphen’ Segment On ‘The Late Show’

There’s nothing like roasting an old pal for getting old, especially since they can’t really help it. Look, we all have to age at some point. Stephen Colbert turned 60 this week, and he doesn’t seem to mind! But his buddy Steve Carell (who is 61, by the way) stopped by The Late Show to apparently try and make him feel bad for growing up. It seemed to work.

The two Stevens brought back a throwback segment, called Even Stevphen, from The Daily Show , where the duo would debate hot button issues moderated by Jon Stewart. The bit began in 1999 on The Daily Show, then again when Carell stopped by The Colbert Report in 2010. For the 25th anniversary of the segment, and Colbert’s 60th birthday, the two reunited for a timely and heated debate about aging.

Colbert claimed that he doesn’t mind aging, while Carell insisted that aging is bad. “Steven, we are born astride a grave, and each day, the cruel grasp of time pulls us closer to oblivion,” Carell began. “You will never be younger than you are in this moment, and let’s face it, my friend: You haven’t aged well.”

On the flip side, Colbert highlighted the upsides of getting old. “Age ripens us like a fine wine, because with age comes experience, and with experience comes wisdom. With wisdom comes the ability to see you for what you are: a sad, dumb, salt-and-pepper idiot,” he added. The duo then roasted each other for their various projects over the years, including 2005’s Bewitched, which they both starred in.

The two bickered in their usual fashion, with jokes about being old (Carell refers to Colbert as “CBS’s oldest Sheldon”) But it all lead up to a heartfelt moment between the longtime pals.“I will always be here for you,” Carell tearfully told Colbert, adding “Anytime I have something to promote.” Catch IF in theaters this weekend!







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