Shakira’s Music ‘Used To Suck,’ According To Shakira, And She Explained Why

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It has been two weeks since Shakira released Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran, her first album in seven years, but no promotional cycle is complete in 2024 without appearing on Hot Ones. And so, Shakira is Sean Evans’ guest for today’s (April 4) episode of Hot Ones.

Around the seven-minute mark, Shakira contemplated giving up but decided to press on after Evans told her that he’s “never had anyone quit” before finishing “the wings of death” in the show’s history. The next question was inspired by Shakira’s recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, in which she recounted hearing “an old Shakira song on the radio and telling your kids, ‘I used to suck,’” according to Evans.

Shakira laughed before detailing what makes her “cringe” about her older material. “Ugh, so many things,” she said. “I think I used to overdo the cries in my voice.” She added, “I noticed that after my pregnancies, my voice got thicker, more rounded, more full. Also, my choices are more mature. I have evolved as a woman, as a person. My intellect has evolved.”

Elsewhere in the 20-minute video, Shakira explained why “it takes so long” for her to produce albums and discussed reaching out to Seth MacFarlane because she’s a “huge Family Guy fan” while struggling to make it through the “masochistic” Hot Ones gauntlet.

Watch Shakira on Hot Ones below.







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