Ryan Gosling And His ‘Barbie’ Costars Are Losing It Over Greta Gerwig’s Snub In A New Oscars Promo

A lot is riding on this year’s Oscars. 2023 was a significant year for movies, thanks to those big two blockbusters (The Eras Tour and Renaissance: A Film By Beyonce, of course) so the award ceremony will be a big night no matter who wins. Host Jimmy Kimmel is returning for the gig, and he called upon Weird Barbie to help him prepare for the highly-anticipated awards show because that’s what you do when you are going through a cellulite crisis.

Kimmel appeared in a new promo for the award show, which follows him and Weird Barbie (Kate McKinnon) as they try to make it back to Hollywood for the big night. In order to do that, the two must go through a series of movie-themed lands like Anatomy of a Fall Falls and Los Alamos, NM.

Finally, they are joined by America Ferrera, who gives Kimmel a hosting pep talk that mimicked her Barbie monologue. “It’s literally impossible to host the Oscars. You have to be extraordinary, but somehow you’re always doing it wrong. You have to make fun of people, but you can’t make too much fun of people. You have to give everybody enough time, but you can’t go long. And you are the center of attention, but no one cares you’re there. You can never show off, never fail, never show fear… no one says thank but everyone has something critical to say online. If it goes well, nobody says anything. If it doesn’t, it’s all your fault.” Kimmel, like a lot of Barbie viewers, misunderstood, responding: “What you’re saying is, hosting the Oscars is even harder than being a woman!”

It wouldn’t be a proper Oscars tribute without Ryan Gosling, who shows up as Ken (donning a Kenough hoodie) with a fresh order of In-N-Out. Kimmel tells Gosling he can only have In-N-Out after he wins an award. His reply, “Well that’s not going to happen. Good thing Greta has got [best] director in the bag!” Unfortunately, that opens up a whole new can of worms, as Gerwig isn’t even nominated. The group then lets out a series of disorienting screams. It’s fun for the whole family.

Check out the full preview above. The Oscars air on Sunday, March 10th at 7 pm. Hopefully, we will see Gosling perform his nominated song before he gets his In-N-Out.

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