Rosalía And ‘Euphoria’ Star Hunter Schafer Shock Fans By Confirming They Dated A Few Years Ago

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Euphoria star Hunter Schafer confirmed that she had a past relationship with Rosalía, during a new interview for the cover of GQ. Schafer started off by discussing her documented time dating another musician Dominic Fike.

“I had dated other famous people before, but people didn’t know about it,” Schafer added. “It was completely different.”

This led the interviewer to ask specifically who, to which she responded, “People who care enough and have done their research probably know what’s up.” Initially, Schafer doesn’t go into too much detail because she wasn’t sure if Rosalía was going to be comfortable with her sharing. The two had previously been spotted earlier this year going out to grab smoothies together.

However, the next day, she did get permission and decides to share more about the relationship they had. The two had specifically dated for five months during the fall of 2019 — and they still have a close bond, despite the fact that it didn’t work out.

“I have really beautiful friendships with people that I was once romantically involved with,” she shared. “She’s family no matter what.”

“It’s been so much speculation for so long,” Schafer continued. “Part of us just wants to get it over with, and then another part is like, ‘It’s none of anybody’s f*cking business!’  It’s something I’m happy to share. And I think she feels that way too.”

Since then, Rosalía has been tied to Jeremy Allen White from The Bear.







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