‘Reacher’ Author Lee Child Revealed Why The Big Man Isn’t Exactly A Lone Wolf On The Amazon Series


Amazon’s Reacher is currently filming its third season, which will be based upon Lee Child’s Persuader book. Reacher will have a new girlfriend, who is not Frances Neagley (Maria Sten), because she’s busy with that rocket launcher. Also, their relationship isn’t like that. Maybe Neagley would be more interested in the Tom Cruise version of the character? Hmm, scratch that.

Neagley will, in fact, also be on the scene for the third season. She’s the connecting thread, it seems, and the series even worked her into a quick-ish appearance for the first season even though the character does not appear in the corresponding Jack Reacher book, The Killing Floor. This is a welcome change, but of course, some purists might be inclined to wonder why Reacher, the lone wolf that he is, needs a regular companion/accomplice. Lee Child addressed the matter while speaking to Empire Online, and as it turns out, this makes much more sense than, say, having Reacher talking to himself to explain his intricate deductions:

“Neagley was a strategic decision. The one thing you cannot do on screen that you can in a book is have the inside of somebody’s head. Reacher thinks a lot, and there are pages and pages of Reacher puzzling things out. You can’t write an eight-minute scene with Alan Ritchson sitting there, thinking. So we needed a secondary character to bolster the exposition.”

Also, Neagley consistently holds up her end of the bargain by taking down some bad dudes and also knowing what sandwiches to order for Reacher ahead of time at a diner. Again and again, details matter. And hopefully, we will receive even more details about the next season soon.

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