Policing minister wants stop and search ramped up despite fears of disproportionate targeting of black men – UK politics live

Chris Philp says police need to use power more often to ‘protect public’

Good morning. It would be nice to think that the government is not entirely focused on re-election, and that not all decisions are being with partisan considerations to the fore, but it can be hard to sustain that view after a glance at the papers. Today the government has put two issues on the table – both of which might appeal to a Tory election strategist hoping to find something (anything?) that might create a dividing line with Labour.

First, sex education. Gillian Keegan, the education secretary, is expected to publish plans tomorrow, but right-leaning papers have been briefed that the rules for schools in England will be stricter and that they will be told not to teach pupils about gender identity issues.

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