News live: Penny Wong says she told Israel’s foreign minister Australia expects ‘full accountability’ over Zomi Frankcom’s death

International pressure increases as Anthony Albanese waits for explanation from embassy. Follow today’s headlines live

Zomi Frankcom’s family say Australian aid worker killed in Israeli airstrike was ‘doing the work she loves’
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Penny Wong says she has told Israel’s foreign minister that the death of aid worker Zomi Frankcom is “outrageous and unacceptable” and has “expressed the outrage of the nation”.

The foreign minister, who is speaking on ABC now, said she spoke to her counterpart last night. She said of the conversation:

I expressed that that we expect full accountability for the steps. We spoke about his intention to ensure that there was a thorough investigation.

We spoke about the importance of full accountability and transparency and obviously we will continue to work with the Israelis on the detail of this investigation. What we expect is a transparent, full accountability for what has occurred, which is a death not only this Australian, Zomi Frankcom, but also a number of other aid workers.

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