Nardo Wick And Sexyy Red’s ‘Somethin’ Video Has Fans Reminiscing About A Long Since Forgotten Viral Sensation

There’s no denying rap fans are experiencing a colossal case of sampling fatigue. However, Nardo Wick’s latest single, “Somethin,” featuring Sexyy Red, has supporters willing to make an exception.

As the two rappers let go of their hardened exteriors to show their emotional vulnerability, Wick drew inspiration from long since forgotten viral sensation IceJJFish. As “Somethin’” starts, the record opens with the easily recognizable chorus of IceJJFish’s 2014 track “On The Floor.”

The video opens with IceJJFish’s singing, “It’s something about ya, girl / That just makes my head wanna twirl / You got me wantin’ to tell all them other girls / There’s nothing else better on this world / The moment I seen her.”

In the remainder of the video, Nardo Wick and Sexyy Red show that everyone needs love. “That lil’ sh*t got my head twirlin’, what she tryna do to me? / Real short shorts, I see the dimples in her booty meat / And she not no borin’ one, what she do excite me / Is you her lil’ whoopty-woo? Uh, b*tch, I might be,” raps Wick.

After realizing the sample, fans rushed to X (formerly Twitter) to point out the reference. View a few of their responses below.

Nardo Wick sampling Ice JJ Fish jokes af

— NyabINGY (@Nyab1ngy) February 9, 2024

Nardo Wick putting Ice JJ Fish in the beginning of his song so fucking funny

— JAY D ᥫ᭡. (@_jadadominique) February 10, 2024

Nardo Wick putting Ice JJ Fish in the beginning of his song so funny

— KoKo (@cecexclusive__) February 9, 2024

Nardo wick & sexyy red sampling ice jj fish is iconic

— Doozii (@DooziiTV) February 9, 2024

Watch Nardo Wick’s official video for “Somethin” featuring Sexyy Red above.







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