Millie Bobby Brown Gets Ready To Tear Up A Dragon In The New Trailer For ‘Damsel’

Do you want to see Millie Bobby Brown take down a dragon with a badass sword? Sure, we all do. Netflix is about to give us just that in the fantasy epic Damsel.

The streaming giant just released a new trailer, and it’s the best look yet at the film that adds a dark twist to a seemingly fairy tale story. We knew the film involved Brown’s Elodie meeting her true love only to learn she was tricked into fighting a dragon, but it’s an entirely different thing to see it in action.

Elodie clearly goes through some things in the trailer, starting with her “beloved” literally tossing her into a pit at the behest of his mother played by Robin Wright. From there, Elodie soon learns the terrifying foe that she’s up against. However, this princess isn’t one to sit around wait to be rescued. Elodie goes to work as Brown unleashes her action chops in a fiery showdown that’s more Alien than Snow White.

Here’s the official synopsis:

A dutiful damsel agrees to marry a handsome prince, only to find the royal family has recruited her as a sacrifice to repay an ancient debt. Thrown into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon, she must rely on her wits and will to survive.

Damsel starts streaming March 28 on Netflix.







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