Middle East crisis live: Israel withdraws from al-Shifa hospital in Gaza

Palestinian residents also reported that the IDF had left the area after a two week raid

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Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, a senior Israeli military spokesperson, said Hamas and the smaller Islamic Jihad group had established their main northern headquarters inside the al-Shifa hospital, which the Israeli military pulled out from earlier.

He described days of close-quarters fighting inside different buildings, and blamed Hamas for the destruction, saying some fighters had barricaded themselves inside hospital wards while others launched mortar rounds at the compound.

He said the troops had arrested about 900 suspected militants during the raid, including more than 500 Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters, and seized over $3m in different currencies, as well as weapons. These claims are yet to be independently verified.

He denied that any civilians had been harmed by Israeli forces, saying the army had evacuated more than 200 of the estimated 300 to 350 patients and delivered food, water and medical supplies to the rest, according to the Associated Press.

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