Levelling up report card: how the Tories’ pledges stack up today

Boris Johnson’s winning manifesto said it would ‘level up’ deprived parts of the UK by making the most of Brexit. Our writers drill down into the numbers to judge whether the party is making good on this promise

No progress made on half of levelling-up targets
Britain’s levelling up agenda stymied from the start
‘We’re forgotten about here’: the broken promises

The 2019 Conservative manifesto promised that the party would make “the most of the opportunities of Brexit” and “level up” deprived parts of the UK. Voters in former Labour heartlands turned to the Tories in their thousands, handing Boris Johnson a historic general election victory.

“You may only have lent us your vote,” Johnson said, promising to deliver the change so many clearly needed. But as the country looks ahead to the next general election – and a bumper set of local elections in May – will those voters feel that promise to improve their local area has been delivered upon?

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