Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn’s Nepotism Dog Roy Stole The Show In His Own Super Bowl Commercial

Budweiser/ YouTube

The year is 2024. Nepo babies are OUT, nepo pets are IN. And thanks to a new up-and-coming dog actor, we are starting on a great note.

Goldie Hawn revealed that her golden retriever pup Roy was the star of Budweiser’s 2024 Super Bowl commercial which aired during the big game. Why their dog? Who knows! But most likely it was because they could not afford Goldie, her husband Kurt Russell, or her daughter Kate Hudson, who is busy becoming a pop star. So they went right to Roy, who did a better job than any of them ever would. Who says you need some sort of celebrity cameo to make a good commercial? A lot of people. But dogs also work.

Hawn shared a video of the family reacting to Roy’s small screen debut, which ended with the family (Hudson included) giving Roy a little pat on the head for his mesmerizing role of “dog.” The commercial features the return of the iconic Clydesdale horses that your grandpa loved so much.

The best part about pet nepotism is that it can be celebrated simply because these animals have no idea what’s going on. Do you think Matthew Vaughn’s cat Chip knew he was in a leading role in Argylle? No, so his acting is legitimate and convincing. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift’s cat Benjamin recently became a cover model, so now is the time for Roy to start auditioning for other roles. Even those bees in The Beekeeper belonged to someone.

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