Kiernan Shipka Paid Tribute To ‘Sabrina’ Co-Star Chance Perdomo With A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Their Bond


Gen V star Chance Perdomo’s sudden death at age 27 occurred practically on the eve of the Amazon’s first second-season table read. The cast was soon left reeling while paying tribute to their friend, who portrayed the metal-manipulating Supe Andre Anderson, a powerful force within The Boys spin off series.

Previously, the rising actor also appeared in four seasons of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina starring Kiernan Shipka as the title character from the Archie comics. Chance’s performance as Ambrose Spellman was a standout among many oddball portrayals in the deliciously rendered series, and Shipka has now come forward to tell the world what a brilliant friend that “Chancey Pants” has been to her for years:

Oh man this hurts.

He was a one of a kind soul. Just the most fiery, creative, loving, connected, and caring force you could possibly imagine…

As playful as he was kind. As loving as he was hilarious. He never failed to make me laugh and he never failed to keep me on my toes (or off of them if he was giving me a piggyback ride to my trailer which he often did. Thanks Chance.)

His humanity was a generous gift to me and to so many people. Really hard to picture this world without him in it.

I loved him with my whole heart. I always will.

Shipka also posted photos of Chance and a video of those piggyback rides.

Gen V filming has been now been put on hold “indefinitely” following Chance’s deadly motorcycle accident while he was on his way to meet his fellow cast members in Toronto. Those who have recently visited his Instagram page have noted an eerie photo that he posted of a motorcycle only a few weeks ago.







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