Kevin Costner Sounds Steamed About Being Blamed For His ‘Yellowstone’ Departure By ‘Those F*cking Guys’


Kevin Costner recently admitted that he wanted to return for the final Yellowstone episodes, but that does not seem too likely. The fact that Taylor Sheridan finally commented on the subject speaks some finality on the issue, and although Sheridan told Hollywood Reporter, “I sure hope [the movie is] worth it — and that it’s a good one,” the Paramount TV king did declare, “He took a lot of this on the chin and I don’t know that anyone deserves it.”

Additionally, Sheridan promised that John Dutton wouldn’t die in “a f*ck-you car crash,” but he also pointed out that he didn’t make the rules about scheduling matters, and it was out of his hands other than to create content, and “[m]y opinion of Kevin as an actor hasn’t altered.” Costner, for his part, recently spoke to Deadline ahead of his new directorial effort, Horizon, premiering at the Cannes Film Festival. And although he doesn’t want to get distracted by “the Yellowstone thing,” it’s clear that he’s not thrilled about having fingers pointed at him by “those f*cking guys”:

“I don’t want to get down in the gutter with the Yellowstone thing but what I’m telling you is straight up. I have taken a beating from those f*cking guys and I know a lot of times where it’s coming from. I just elected not to get into that. But if you know me well enough, I made Yellowstone the first priority, and to insinuate anything else would be wrong. I did not initiate any of those things. They did. They were doing a tap dance and this poor guy was also having to write so much. And I don’t know why they didn’t stick up for me.”

Costner also explained why he hasn’t unloaded on the topic until now:

“You asked me the question, I’m going to answer it. I don’t do press outside my movies. I don’t live in the press, in between. Now I’m promoting my movie. I could say ‘no comment’ all the way through. I won’t say my life is fair game or that any questions are fair game, but this is a realistic question. I will address it. They should have known that there was going to be an opportunity for me to say something. I didn’t have to answer the slings and arrows over the last year and a half, because I’ve just been busy working.”

Enough said? For the moment, at least, that’s what Costner has offered, and Horizon will debut out of competition on Sunday, May 19. Hollywood Reporter has revealed that it’s already sold in the French market while Warner Bros. “is betting big” on the saga’s first two chapters, which will release on June 28 and August 16 in the U.S.

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