Kate Winslet’s ‘The Regime’ Sex Scene Led To Crew Members Laughing To The Point Where They Were Booted From The Room


It’s become common to hire on-set intimacy coordinators, and even though not everyone loves it, it seems to be going pretty well over the last few years (mostly). But even if there are people there to help map out an “intimate” scene, that doesn’t mean it’s not weird for everyone involved.

In the new HBO drama The Regime, Chancellor Elena Vernham (Kate Winslet) has a pretty complicated love life which plays out in episode five. Winslet’s character has been in cahoots with Herbert (Matthias Schoenaerts) who is NOT her husband, but they did have some pretty weird sex.

During the ordeal, Elena warns Herbet “No biting,” which inevitably sends some of the crew into hysterics. “We did have a couple of moments when things would happen that were so funny that people had to be sent out,” Winslet recently explained. “When we were shooting Episode 5, Elena and Zubak having sex, and she’s screaming at him, ‘No biting! No biting,’ two people had to be sent out for laughing,” she added.

Unfortunately for them, the two people sent away were the most important in that moment: a cinematographer and makeup artist. “Matthias had all these [fake] tattoos. He was getting sweatier and sweatier, and they just kept sort of rubbing off on parts of my body,” Winslet said of the moment. “I was like, ‘This is really like I’ve got the newspaper printed on me.’” The person who was supposed to fix it was probably off cackling in the bathroom.

It seems this wasn’t the only time the crew was sent away, as Winslet said it would “happen a lot.” Listen, if you saw this in person, you’d probably lose it, too:

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