Kate Winslet Gave A (Relatively) Hopeful Update Regarding ‘Mare of Easttown’ Season Two


There has always been a small hope that we would get a second season of Mare of Easttown at some point, though it always seemed like it would be quite a while. The HBO drama only ran for one season (what some would call a “limited series,” but the term is loose these days) and managed to receive dozens of award nominations and the creator even threw out some good ideas for more storylines. So all we need is Kate Winslet to charge up her vape and head back to PA for more, and it seems like she’s finally warming up to the idea.

In a new interview with Net-A-Porter, Winslet fondly looks back on her time as Mare. “F*cking Mare” she muttered when asked about a possible return. It started on a great note!

Winslet then revealed that she isn’t opposed to more Mare. “You never know. I loved playing her,” she explained, adding that it was not an easy role for her.”[But] it was really hard… [and] it took so long to get her out of my bloody system.”

While she might be considering it, the actress has been open about how hard the character was for her. In 2022, she told Indiewire “I can’t just go, ‘Oh yes, let’s just do it again.‘ It’s a colossal, colossal commitment and did really take a huge amount out of me. And I know it would do that again, it would have to, if I was going to give people what they want and ultimately deserve, to see out of Mare Sheehan. You never know.”

However, last year, Winslet told TVLine that she “would absolutely love to play Mare again” so it seems like enough time has passed. “I miss her. I really do,” she added. This is how people normally feel when they go too long without stepping foot in a Wawa, so it makes sense. It’s only a matter of time before she starts stock-piling spray cheese.

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