Justin Bieber Didn’t Join Usher At The Super Bowl Halftime Show, But He Thought It Was Fantastic

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Leading up to this past weekend, there were rumors that Justin Bieber would be at Super Bowl LVIII to join Usher for the halftime show. That turned out to be only half correct: Bieber went to the game, but he was there merely as a spectator and did not get on stage with Usher. As for what actually did happen on the field between halves, though, Bieber thought it was great, as he heaped praise on Usher after the performance.

Sharing a photo from Usher’s performance, Bieber wrote yesterday (February 12), “LOVE YOU MY BROTHER. NOONE CAN SING AND DANCE THE WAY YOU DO. LOVE YOU FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART. BROUGHT THE ‘A’ TO THE WORLD, ONLY YOU BABYYYYYY [kissing emoji].”

According to TMZ, before the game, Usher reached out to Bieber and asked if he’d make a halftime show appearance. A Daily Mail report from October 2023, meanwhile, said, “[Usher] really wants to prove himself worthy of such an honor because he definitely sees that the excitement level for him doing it is not at an all-time high. He has asked some of his friends who are artists to help him out and join him on stage, and he has thrown a few ideas towards Justin.”

Plenty of non-Bieber guests did take the field alongside Usher, though, including Alicia Keys, Ludacris, and Lil Jon.







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