Is Nick Offerman’s ‘Civil War’ Character Based On Trump?


In Civil War, the new movie from Alex Garland based on a modern-day conflict in America, Nick Offerman plays a United States president who appears to be on his third term. The prevailing theory is that Offerman’s character is a tyrant, which sparks the unlikely alliance between California and Texas.

Considering America just witnessed Donald Trump attempt to overturn the results of a presidential election with the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, it’s a reasonable question to ask if Offerman’s character is based on America’s biggest sore loser. While plot details have been scant for Civil War, Offerman did provide a definitive answer on the inspiration for his POTUS chaaracter.

Is Nick Offerman’s ‘Civil War’ Character Based On Trump?

During a red carpet interview with Deadline, Offerman made it clear that his presidential character in Civil War is not based on any certain former POTUS with a penchant for coups:

“Honestly, no. When you see the movie, it’s so unattached to anything in modern politics, not only in our country but any country. It’s like doing a play where I’m playing a baseball player, and people say, ‘Did you ever think of your favorite team, the Cubs?’ And I say, ‘No, it’s a brilliant piece of fiction.’”

“From the get-go, it clearly wasn’t based on anything in reality,” the Parks and Recreation star added. “And so, that’s a distraction, and my job is to immediately say, ‘Who is this guy? And how can I best serve Alex [Garland’s] vision.’”

You can watch Offerman’s remarks below:

Donald Trump was not on Nick Offerman’s mind as he approached his role as President in #CivilWar

— Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) April 3, 2024

Civil War breaks out in theaters on April 12.

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