I Just Did a Huge Basics Restock Thanks to Gap’s Site-Wide Sale—Who’s Next?

Black Friday, for me, isn’t about securing one really extra fashion item, but rather, it’s a time to completely restock my most worn pieces, from T-shirts and jeans to outerwear, so that when the new year begins, my closet is flush with non stretched out and faded everyday wears. It’s been my thing for years now, and 2023 isn’t going to the one when I switch things up. But this year, rather than going through a ton of different sales to find the best red-marked basics, I’m sticking with just one, Gap’s nearly site-wide 40%-off sale. And as an added bonus, when you use the code ADDON at checkout, you’ll receive an extra 20%-off boost. 

Below, find all of the discounted Gap buys worth stocking your closet with not just for winter and spring, but next summer and fall too. Or at least, the ones I’m adding to mine to get me through the entirety of 2024, including an unreal leather flight jacket that should be sold out, a ’90s-inspired cashmere skirt set, and a boatneck tee that feels extremely Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Happy shopping. 

This jacket should be going viral right now. How is it not? 

*Buys a dozen.* 

This ’90s set is pure brilliance. 

If you’ve been looking for the perfect high-low coat for winter, I just found it. 

Layering’s easy when you own basics like this one. 

The only thing I need now is this belt. 

Toggle coats don’t get enough attention in the winter time. 

Obsessed with all things boatneck. 

Navy’s trending. Luckily, you don’t need to spend more than $54 to add the color to your wardrobe. 

Simply perfect. 

A touch of red makes every outfit better. 

A winter staple. 

These cords are so The Row. 

Screaming, crying, throwing up. 

I’m a sucker for a good sweatshirt. 

Dark wash is in. 

What a price. 


Promo Images: @anna__laplaca







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