‘I feel quite nervous now’: Gaza aid worker on safety concerns after Israeli attack

Deadly Israeli attack on aid staff has shaken confidence in the system, says Save the Children team leader

Middle East crisis – live updates

We operate south of Wadi Gaza [the stream that bisects the strip], mainly in Rafah and Deir al-Balah as Khan Younis is a bit insecure at the moment. The north is too dangerous at the moment, although we’re working with the World Food Programme to try to get supplies up there.

We live in two apartment blocks, the international staff along with the national staff and their families, and we have an office next door. We bring in our food when we cross into Gaza, mostly tinned and dried, but sometimes we buy fresh food from the market. We’re getting a machine connected that will desalinate and purify the water.

Karyn Beattie is team leader for Save the Children’s response in Gaza. She is from South Africa and has been based in Rafah since the end of January

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