Here’s Cardi B’s Super Bowl Commercial That Was Deemed Too Risqué To Actually Air In Full During The Super Bowl

If you caught Cardi B in a commercial for NYX Professional Makeup during Super Bowl LVIII, you haven’t seen the whole thing.

Entertainment Weekly reports that only half the ad, which shows the “Up” rapper touting the brand’s Duck Pump lip gloss, was approved for the broadcast. The rest of the commercial — the part that’s online only — was deemed too risqué for a joke involving men mishearing “Duck Plump” and administering the beauty product where it doesn’t belong. When Cardi B is informed of this unfortunate development, she asks, “They put it where?”

First, Deadpool couldn’t make a pegging joke. And now this? What’s this country coming to?

“As a female-led brand with female creators behind the work, we’re proud of our creative idea, which flips the script on male stereotypes with lighthearted humor,” NYX Professional Makeup general manager Yasmin Dastmalchi said in a statement. “As a bold brand rooted in entertainment, and as a first-time advertiser on Super Bowl Sunday, our intention was to make everyone laugh during the big game. We hope you love it as much as we do!”

Any ad that doesn’t feature a pickleball-playing talking baby is a winner to me. You can watch the full-length commercial above.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)







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