Gwyneth Paltrow Has Finally (?) Told The World Her Stance On Polyamory

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While Gwyneth Paltrow is known for using her Goop lifestyle brand to push everything from an infamous foray into steaming her lady business to selling $15,000 gold vibrators for Christmas, the Iron Man star likes to keep things surprisingly vanilla when it comes to her marriage to Brad Falchuk. Although, she did say their relationship was like “choosing” her dad, so maybe not totally vanilla.

Anyway, during a recent Q&A in her Instagram Stories, Paltrow was asked if she’d ever be interested in polyamory. She is not, which should’ve been obvious considering she hasn’t talked it about every single chance she gets. That’s how polyamory works, right?

Via Vanity Fair:

“Have you ever considered a poly relationship?” one follower asked in a text box, allowing Paltrow to expand on whether her marriage to Brad Falchuk might have room for another. (Not room like the bedroom that ex-husband Chris Martin had in her home at some point after their split, but another human person, specifically.)

“No thanks!” Paltrow wrote in response. But she’s not here to stop you from pursuing all your coupling dreams. “Not for me but have no judgment. I’m a one man kinda gal.”

So there you have it. Gwyneth Paltrow is all about the monogamous joy of making her husband terrified to cook around her.

“I cooked for Gwyneth at the beginning of our relationship,” Falchuk told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year. “But when she watches me in the kitchen, I can feel her eyes on me — the way I’m chopping or the way I’m frying. (Laughs.) I’m just too uncomfortable. So, not anymore. And why would I cook when she’s so good at it? I’d be nuts. Should I throw the football or should Tom Brady?”

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