Folks, The 72-Year-Old Golden Bachelor Laughed At A ‘69’ Joke On Network TV And People Are Losing It


The Golden Bachelor may be about older people finding love, but that doesn’t it’s more mature. During Thursday night’s episode, the show’s seasoned bachelor, Gerry Jordan, revealed that he is not above laughing at a good “69” joke. Although, the lion tattoo should’ve tipped everyone off that Gerry is a party animal. (OK, technically, the tattoo was about being awesome at business, but the point still stands.)

Anyway, the viral moment occurred as Gerry took 64-year-old fitness instructor Leslie Fhima on a more intimate date. The two repelled down a waterfall as old people so often do, and during a romantic dinner, Gerry told Leslie that he thinks “you’re the one.” That led to the two retiring to their suite where Leslie undoubtedly confirmed Gerry’s suspicions by deploying a well-timed “69” joke. That’s love right there, folks.

Via Decider:

After the Fantasy Suite lights went out, Gerry turned up the heat. But first he turned down the heat, because he realized the Fantasy Suite’s thermostat was set to an outrageous 80 DEGREES! He thoughtfully asked Leslie if she liked the temperature set at 70 degrees, and though a simple yes or no response would have sufficed, Leslie’s personality beamed as she opted for a delightfully immature joke instead. Instead of setting the thermostat at 70, Leslie told Gerry to go for “69,” and the two lovebirds — reveling in their shared sense of humor and not missing a beat — giddily giggled together, reclaiming a new slice of their youth right before Bachelor Nation’s eyes. Nice.

The Golden Bachelor has been a viral hit, so naturally, folks on social media lost their minds at watching the elderly lovebirds giggle like school kids at the “69” joke. It was life-affirming.

You can see some of the reactions below:

Lmao they made a 69 joke on Golden Bachelor

— Fuuka of the Reload (@AriaOfTheStar) November 17, 2023

No one explain to the grandkids why they set that thermostat to 69°#TheGoldenBachelor #GoldenBachelor

— Kait Chura (@hkchura) November 17, 2023

The temperature set at 69 degrees. No one on the planet is hornier than the bachelor producers. #goldenbachelor

— Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket (@BrennanSouhrada) November 17, 2023

Gerry: “What temperature do you like?”
Leslie: “69”#TheGoldenBachelor #GoldenBachelor

— BachelorSmachelor (@BachelorTalk) November 17, 2023

Just realized that Gerry is over a decade older than my dad, but he didn’t need a 69 joke to be explained to him #GoldenBachelor

— Devon (Loser Socialist) (@DAMitsDevon) November 17, 2023

I am glad to see the 69 jokes still hit in your 70’s #TheGoldenBachelor  #GoldenBachelor

— Henry Chang (@t_witlessHen18) November 17, 2023

Gerry and Leslie laughing over the number 69 #GoldenBachelor #TheGoldenBachelor

— emily (@emilyblivetweet) November 17, 2023

I hope to still be making 69 jokes in 30+ years #GoldenBachelor

— Kaela (@kaelawinfrey) November 17, 2023

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