Dolly Parton Had A Gracious Response (Of Course) To Elle King’s Controversial ‘Hammered’ Tribute Concert Moment

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Last month, the Grand Ole Opry hosted a Dolly Parton tribute concert, and the event made headlines for Elle King’s time on stage. While attempting to cover “Marry Me,” King said, “I don’t know the lyrics to these things in this f*cking town, Don’t tell Dolly ’cause it’s her birthday. […] I’m not even gonna f*cking lie… y’all bought tickets for this sh*t, you ain’t getting your money back. And I’m gonna tell you one thing more: Hi, my name is Elle King, I’m f*cking hammered.”

Now, Parton herself has shared her thoughts on the incident, and her response was characteristically open-minded and empathetic.

When asked about it in a recent Extra interview, Parton said, “Elle is really a great artist, she’s a great girl. And she’s been going through a lot of hard things lately, and she just had a little too much to drink. So let’s just forgive that and forget it and move on, ’cause she felt worse than anybody ever could.”

Parton has long been known for her loving nature and good deeds, which were recently put on display when she helped a fan with terminal cancer cross an item off his bucket list: meeting her (via a phone call, in this case).







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