Did You Want More ‘Shōgun’? Because You’re Going To Get Some Heaping Helpings Of ‘Shōgun’


Only a few days ago, the world learned that Shōgun star Hiroyuki Sanada had signed on to continue his role as Lord Toranaga for more of James Clavell’s Asian saga on FX. This was the decisive step, it seemed, for FX to soon pull the trigger on announcing a series renewal. And would John Blackthorne’s TV-invisible dong return for more, too? The presence of Cosmo Jarvis was still apparently undecided, although Deadline reported at the time that more “deals are being finalized,” and the final pieces must have tome together.

In a press release, FX has announced that “FX, Hulu and the Estate of James Clavell are working to extend the critically acclaimed global hit drama Shōgun, moving forward to develop the saga with two additional seasons of the drama series.” Two more seasons, you say? FX emphasized, “The Story and Characters are Intended to Continue the Saga That Will Likely Yield Two Additional Seasons of the Drama Series.”

From there, we still do not definitively know if Cosmo Jarvis has signed his name to the roster, but you can’t really continue this series without followup on Toranaga torching Blackthorne’s ship because, as Sanada previously told USA Today, “Blackthorne is useful to Toranaga, who wants to keep him in Japan and not let him go back to England.” And now, we wait.







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