Could ‘NCIS: Origins’ Take A Hit After The Cancellation Of ‘NCIS: Hawai’i’?

The impending arrival of NCIS: Origins and NCIS: Tony And Ziva meant that CBS’ naval-criminal-investigative procedural franchise had been riding a new high. And then came the announcement that Paramount had opted to ax NCIS: Hawai’i and, to add further frustration in fans’ eyes, they did so after a cliffhanger season finale.

There will be no closure for those who watched three seasons revolving around NCIS Pearl Harbor, and that has disappointed a vocal group of viewers. Unlike with NBC’s Law & Order: Organized Crime, as well, there will be no streaming-service move for an additional season(s), and that has left a bad taste in some viewers’ procedural-loving mouths after “financials” was the reason given for the cancellation. Apparently, not even moving LL Cool J over from NCIS: Los Angeles had fixed the situation.

As noted by Daily Express, there’s now a blame game going around with viewers suggesting that Origins is the true reason for the Hawai’i cancellation: “This is why NCIS Hawaii was cancelled… budget for this show & NCIS Origins (think that’s the name) about Gibbs in his younger years leading up to him becoming a NCIS agent.” That led to calls for a boycott that are ongoing. Will this make an impact on Origins‘ viewership?

It’s not a threat. It’s a promise. #CBSIsStale #SaveNCISHawaii

— Turkey (@Turk3yFics) May 15, 2024

“NCIS: Hawaii fans threaten to ‘boycott’ new franchise addition following cancellation”…..of course we are because #CBSIsStale and the shows aren’t worth watching #SaveNCISHawaii

— Sail Master (@Sailchick1984) May 15, 2024

I don’t usually watch procedurals, I really don’t like copaganda, but I made an exception for NCISHI because of all the things that are special about it. So no, @CBS, I’m not going to watch your new show. It’s #SaveNCISHawaii or nothing. #WeAreOhana

— Freddie (@DragonNamedBinx) May 15, 2024

somebody tell them that we’re not THREATENING to boycott ncis: origins; we’re straight up not going to watch it. #savencishawaii

— this user is in her villan era `°` (@qelaay) May 15, 2024

This is ridiculous. Such an amazing show and there is no good reason to cancel it. I honestly would boycott all CBS shows at this point if it weren’t for Liv in NCIS Sydney. TV stations and streaming services need to stop this $hit now!

— Katie Drury the self-appointed co-co-captain (@forgottenone324) April 27, 2024

I mean, I wasn’t going to watch it either way, but appreciate the link to the petition and why people are upset. Also UK (international) press @Daily_Express Give this article a click! #WeAreOhana #SaveNCISHawaii

— ahhveeee #SaveNCISHawai’i (@ahhveeee) May 15, 2024

Hey, @CBS . I’m watching NCIS:Hawaii—renew it. I won’t watch Origins.

— GamecockGrad (@gamecockgrad01) May 7, 2024

We don’t know when NCIS: Origins will premiere, but it will likely be 2025 until we know if the cancellation fury will take effect as promised.

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