Bryan Cranston Opened Up About The Time He Was (Briefly) Wanted For Murder: ‘They Put Out An APB’

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Bryan Cranston recently dropped by Jesse Taylor Ferguson’s podcast where he decided to one-up Ed O’Neill‘s tale of almost joining the mob. According to the Breaking Bad star, he was once wanted for murder in the ’70s, but don’t worry, this isn’t some shocking confession that will have you looking at the dad from Malcolm in the Middle in a whole new light.

While chatting with Ferguson for the latest episode of Dinner’s On Me, Cranston spun a tale about him and his brother driving across the country on motorcycles. At one point, they ran out of cash in Florida, so they got jobs working in a restaurant called the Hawaiian Inn. Working there was a cook named Peter Wong, who the whole staff hated dealing with. Before each shift, everyone would joke about different ways to murder Wong in the kitchen without anyone finding out.

It was all good fun, and the Cranston brothers thought nothing of it as they left town after a few weeks and headed to Maine. There was just one problem. Someone actually did kill Peter Wong, which prompted a visit from the police at the Hawaiian Inn.

“My friends were saying homicide, what’s going on?” Cranston recalled. “They’re saying, uh, Peter Wong was found murdered. And everything just drops because this is serious stuff. And then they said, ‘Is there anyone ever that you can remember talking about hurting or maiming or doing any harm to Peter Wong?’ And everyone’s like, um, yes.”

That’s when things went south for the Cranston boys. Via Dinner’s On Me:

Well, this is not a joke This really happened and the man’s dead. Is there anybody who was joking as you put it? That was not here now and they are like well The Cranston brothers. When did they leave? Two weeks ago. That’s when we determined that you know, the man was killed. Where can we find them? They go, well, they left town. Oh, they left town.

So they’re taking out all this information. Yes. Little did we know they put out an APB on us and to find us, we were somewhere in the Carolinas, I think at that point.

Fortunately for Cranston and his brother, they were never stopped as the police were able to catch Wong’s real killer after finding camera footage at the race track where he was last spotted.

“We didn’t know any of this,” Cranston said. “We were just tooling around.”

You can listen to the full episode with Cranston here.

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