Bruce Springsteen Gives Larry David A Co-Sign (And A New Middle Name) In His Perfect ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Cameo

It turns out that, after all the years of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, they are really pulling out all the stops for the final season. In the show’s second episode of season twelve that aired on Sunday night (February 11), viewers were shocked to see none other than Bruce Springsteen make an appearance.

For those who might have missed the season premiere, it ended with Larry David trying to help Leon Black’s mom by giving her water, while she was waiting in the outside heat to vote. However, in typical disastrous fashion, David was quickly arrested, as he broke Georgia’s law about providing food and drink for those in a voting line.

Springsteen’s role is part of the aftermath of David’s chaos. The cameo happens when David enters Susie Greene’s house, and notices she is watching a news segment about his arrest. As the panel discusses it, Springsteen hilariously chimes in as a celebrity voice.

“Larry David took a big risk,” Springsteen said in the interview. “He took his name and his body on the line. Involvement: That’s Larry David’s middle name. Larry ‘Involvement’ David.”

“Wow,” David responds as he watches the TV.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter tied to the episode, Curb‘s executive producer Jeff Schaffer opened up about getting Springsteen to pop up.

“You never see [Springsteen] on TV shows,” he shared. “And for Larry in the show to be like, ‘Bruce Springsteen, the Boss, is talking about me?’ It seemed like a really huge deal because you never get to see that — and also, it’s Bruce f*cking Springsteen.”

Check out a clip of Springsteen’s Curb Your Enthusiasm cameo above.







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