Billie Eilish Was Teary-Eyed Speaking About How ‘Grateful’ She Feels ‘To Be A Woman Right Now’

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Billie Eilish was among those who turned up at Variety‘s Power Of Women event yesterday (November 16), and she had a vulnerable moment on stage that saw her get emotional.

Barbie star Ariana Greenblatt spoke about meeting Eilish and about how she has been a strong role model for young women (as Variety notes). Greenblatt’s words moved Eilish, who gave Greenblatt a hug. A sniffling Eilish then got behind the mic and noted, “Ariana… wah. Oh man, I was crying over there, girl. Guys, I’m on Prednisone. You ever taken that? No, for real. I’ve had no voice, Margot [Robbie], all week. […] Last time I was on it, I threw my phone and shattered a mirror, and this time, I be crying.”

Billie Eilish tears up and shares, “I feel very grateful to be a woman right now.” | Variety #PowerOfWomen presented by @lifetimetv

— Variety (@Variety) November 17, 2023

She went on to say, “It’s really hard to be a woman out here, guys. It’s hard. […] I’ve never felt truly like a woman. I’ve spent a lot of my life not feeling like I fit in to being a woman. […] This sounds kind of f*cked up, but I have a lot of internalized misogyny inside of me, and I find it coming out in places I don’t want it to. And I have to say, with full transparency, I feel very grateful to be a woman right now. I feel very proud, and I feel very honored to be here.”

She and Finneas performed “What Was I Made For?” at the event, by the way, so check that out below.

Billie Eilish performs “What Was I Made For?” at Variety Power of Women presented by @lifetimetv

— Variety (@Variety) November 17, 2023







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