Australia news live: PM says Israel must be ‘held accountable’ over Zomi Frankcom’s death; east coast braces for possible floods

Speaking to Nine, Frankcom’s relatives say the lives of aid workers ‘should always be protected’. Follow the day’s news live

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Still with an ear to ABC radio, we’re now hearing from Israeli government spokesperson Avi Hyman. He’s asked how the Israeli government can say it’s a mistake rather than a deliberate strike when the investigation is not yet completed?

Hyman responds that the “preliminary investigation” suggests it was not intentional:

I mean, obviously, we know that this isn’t something that the IDF would do or the Israeli Air Force would do on purpose.

There’s a war going on. Wars are awful. Nobody wanted this war, we certainly didn’t want this war, but we’re forced to fight it because it’s a war for our very existence.

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