Australia news live: federal government to double road funding; Assange’s father to address Melbourne pro-Palestine rally

Record crowds expected at pro-Palestine rally in Melbourne, with protests also planned in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. Follow today’s news updates live

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Paterson is asked about an incident that occurred earlier this week where Australian navy personnel were subjected to Chinese sonar which left them seriously injured in international waters off Japan.

Paterson says that this is a “deliberate act by the Chinese navy” that contradicts the “handsome boy” rhetoric surrounding Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s visit to Beijing.

I think when it comes to our very complex and bilateral relationship with the People’s Republic of China, we have to look at the actions of the Chinese Government, not just their words. It is very easy to get caught up in the platitude and praise, the handsome boy rhetoric, but things like this, an active decision by the People’s Liberation Army Navy to put Australian Navy personnel in harm’s way and cause harm to them that we should really be judging the Chinese Government by.

So they do pose a risk and some are more risky yeah than others and only the minister is in possession of that information… and they have to make that decision and so the burden falls on them.

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