A NASCAR Driver Threw His Bumper At Another Car After Getting Wrecked

Twitter/NASCAR Xfinity

NASCAR has a long and storied history of driver’s getting extremely mad at each other because of wrecks, but those typically manifest themselves in heated arguments on pit road and the occasional fist fight.

However, every once in awhile, a driver will break new ground in terms of expressing his anger at the track and provide us with something truly incredible. On Saturday afternoon in Richmond, Joey Gase did just that when he got wrecked by Dawson Cram and decided to make his displeasure with the 4 car known in truly incredible fashion. Gase’s back bumper cover was torn up, so he decided to rip it off completely and then waited for Cram to circle back around to where he was under caution, launching the bumper into Cram’s windshield with an incredibly accurate throw.

Frustration can manifest in a lot of different ways . pic.twitter.com/Wt4dHVS6tn

— NASCAR Xfinity (@NASCAR_Xfinity) March 30, 2024

The best part of this is Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano breaking it all down on the broadcast and complimenting his throwing technique, but questioning the decision-making of taking his driving glove’s off when he was ripping off the bumper, joking that’s an OSHAA violation. They also note that NASCAR will take bigger issue with him walking down the track towards traffic to fire the bumper at a moving car, but couldn’t help but appreciate how he found a new way to express his anger with a wreck.







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